Renthal Twinwall 998 Reed/ Windham Red


Twinwall handlebars are engineered for the toughest of conditions. The Twinwall features a patented design that borrows aircraft design principles by utilizing two tubes. This design provides the rider with a combination of strength, lightweight construction, and safety.

Since their introduction in 1998, Twinwall handlebars have been the handlebar of choice for numerous professional race teams and have played a pivotal role in helping riders win championships more than any other handlebar in the world.

Bar Dimensions (mm)

Width / Dimension A 803
Height / Dimension B 98
Rise / Dimension C 69
Clamping Width / Dimension D 110
Sweep / Dimension E 56
Contol Length / Dimension F 190
Height / Dimension BV 98
Mounting Diameter 28.6mm / 1+1/8”


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