Renthal Twinwall 997 RC Red


Twinwall handlebars are engineered to withstand the toughest of conditions. The Twinwall design incorporates patented innovations inspired by aircraft design principles, using two tubes to provide riders with a winning combination of strength, lightweight construction, and safety. Since their introduction in 1998, Twinwall® handlebars have become the preferred choice of handlebars for numerous professional race teams, helping riders secure championships more than any other handlebar in the world.

The RC Bar bend is positioned almost perfectly in the Renthal range of bends and stands out as one of the most popular options among all bends. This bend gained popularity through its association with Ricky Carmichael during his time at Pro Circuit Kawasaki and American Honda. Many top-level riders have since adopted this bar, including MX2 World Champion Jeffrey Herlings

Width / Dimension A 804
Height / Dimension B 105
Rise / Dimension C 64
Clamping Width / Dimension D 110
Sweep / Dimension E 54
Control Length / Dimension F 200
Height / Dimension Bv 105
Mounting Diameter 28.6mm / 1+1/8”






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