FIR Dura Enduro Mousse 140/80/18 0.9-0.9 Bar


Enduro 6G (0.8-0.9)Bar

  • 140-80-18


The 6G unparalleled performance new foam rubber material

Global leading and innovated foam rubber mousse technology

The longest durability among all brands mousse.

Dura Mousse can replace Michelin Bib Mousse, Metzeler Mousse,Dunlop Mousse, Mefo Mousse and Pirelli Mousse,etc.

  • The Longest lasting, super strong tear strength, reduce greatly damage from outside shocking force.
  • Excellent traction, more grip, suspension no flats
  • The longest shelf life.
  • Low shrink rate,anti-age
  • Perfect size to fit inside tire
  • Resistant high temperature (135?)and low temperature (-35?)
  • The most smooth surface,less friction,wear-resisting
  • The best choice for rider with 60-100kgs weight or more.


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