EVS RS9 Knee Brace (Pair) Black


EVS RS9 Knee Brace – Pairs (Black)

The RS9 offers comfort and protection. The Knee Brace is constructed of a lightweight, impact resistant injection molded shell to increase airflow for added comfort

  • Patented Tru-Motion 2.0 anatomically correct hinges
  • Dual Defense full coverage knee cup
  • Moisture wicking bio-foam molded liner
  • ClickTec quick release buckle system
  • FormFit frame
  • Adjustable hyper-extension lockouts


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Key Features

Hyperextension Lockout 30

A hinge component designed to prevent hyperextension, the most common knee injury in action sports. To accommodate a variety of knees and riding styles, you’re able to adjust the hyperextension lockout from 0º-30º.

Dual Alloy Tru-Motion 2.0 Hinge

The hinge mimics knee movement giving the rider a more natural stance. To endure significant amounts of force the hinge is attached using a 2 layer composite of carbon fiber and aluminum.

Flow Vents

Exterior venting provides additional air circulation.

Form Fit Frame

Built from a proprietary blend of Polyfusion polymer, the Form Fit Frame provides a strong base that is also flexible. The Form Fit Frame bends to the contours of the riders thigh, allowing for a comfortable fit.

Dual Defense Knee Cups

Two interactive knee cups slide with your knees flexion and extension to provide full coverage knee protection.

Click Tech Buckle

The Click Tech Buckle utilizes a quick release buckle system allowing for an easy gear up and gear down.

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